Unlocking Tauro and his Mysteries in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is rife with mystery. One such mystery lies in the hidden chambers of Kakariko Village. Link’s search for the Fifth Sage reveals an even more puzzling main quest—The Secret of the Ring Ruins. Tauro, an expert on Zonai culture, becomes an invaluable ally in this quest. His enigmatic presence and knowledge are crucial in solving the quests that lie ahead.

Tauro TOTK

Kakariko Village sets the stage for our adventure. Link stumbles upon the Ring Ruins during his journey, triggering a series of interconnected tasks. These aren’t just ordinary tasks, but riddles, puzzles, and ancient secrets that make up the four phases of the Secret of the Ring Ruins quest. In TotK Tauro, an individual steeped in Zonai lore, becomes instrumental in the penultimate phase. He holds the keys to a complex riddle that involves an Electric Garb Puzzle.

Tauro’s importance can’t be overstated. He is more than just a guide; he is a storyteller who unlocks the history of Necluda and its surrounding regions. The quest leads Link through thunderous landscapes and introduces him to the local Zonai traditions. Tauro is the interpreter of these ancient ways and Link’s collaborator in solving the Electric Garb Puzzle.

Location of Tauro Totk: From Kakariko Village to Dracozu Lake

How do you find a man as enigmatic as Tauro? It begins at Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. There, Calip, a villager, informs Link that Tauro has ventured to the Zonai ruins near Dracozu Lake. For Link, this journey southeast is not just geographical but also symbolic. It’s a dive into the deep past, teeming with secrets waiting to be unearthed.

Tauro is not in his camp when Link arrives. But a smoldering campfire and a diary offer clues. Tauro’s diary is almost like a second guide, pointing to his current whereabouts. It tells you to enter a cave near the camp. And there in Totk, surrounded by ancient murals and artifacts, you find Tauro. He’s not just a Zonai expert; he’s an active participant in the living history of the area.

Talking to Tauro activates the next phase of the quest, centered around the Serpent Statue Riddle. He gives Link two important clues, drawn from a mysterious mural he’s studying. Tauro essentially becomes a key that unlocks the next set of puzzles and riddles that Link must solve to proceed further.

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Decrypting Tauro Clues: The Serpent Statue Riddle in Zelda TotK

Tauro presents Link with a mural. This mural isn’t just a picture; it’s a map and a history lesson combined. The mural advises Link to search for Electric Garb inside dragon-head-marked statues around Dracozu Lake. It’s not just about finding an item; it’s about connecting with the lore of the Zonai and understanding their way of life.

The mural offers a second clue as well: Link must place a Zonai charge on an altar while wearing the newly acquired Electric Garb. What begins as a simple treasure hunt evolves into a complex puzzle that bridges history and functionality. It’s a puzzle that requires Link to learn the ways of the Zonai, to practically apply them, and to use their ancient knowledge to advance his quest.

in Totk Tauro becomes a mentor. He tells Link that a Zonai treasure chest in the very same cave contains a piece of this Electric Garb—the Charged Shirt. This shirt isn’t just a piece of armor; it’s a part of history, worn by a figure in the mural during a ritual. With the shirt equipped, the next part of Link’s journey becomes clear: find the rest of the Charged Gear.

Embarking on the Electric Garb Puzzle: Finding the Charged Gear

Tauro guides Link to a Zonai treasure chest located within the same cave. Opening this chest unveils the Charged Shirt, a critical component of the Electric Garb Puzzle. Donning this shirt is more than a sartorial choice. It signifies a deeper understanding of the Zonai’s ancient practices, which are critical to solving the riddles at hand.

Once the Charged Shirt is equipped, Tauro becomes even more forthcoming. He advises Link that the remaining Charged Gear can be found in various caves along the banks of Dracozu Lake. These are no ordinary caves. Marked by dragon-head statues, they echo the legends of the Zonai. Each cave presents its own set of challenges, from obstructing boulders to menacing Lizalfos.

But the puzzles are worth it. Each cave contains a treasure chest with pieces of the Charged Gear—armor that resonates with ancient Zonai energy. Collecting these is not just an act of completion but an initiation into a lost world, turning Link into a living artifact of Zonai civilization.

Secrets of Dracozu Lake: The Missing Pieces of the Charged Gear

Dracozu Lake itself is a character in this tale. Shaped like a serpent, it reflects the Zonai’s obsession with this mystical creature. Along its banks, Link finds the remaining pieces of the Charged Gear. Bright white lights emitted by giant bright bloom seeds mark these sacred spots. They’re beacons that guide Link through a maze of natural beauty and lurking danger.

To acquire the Charged Trousers, Link must first tackle a series of Lizalfos. These lizard-like creatures are the guardians of the lake’s secrets. Once defeated, they grant passage to a cave where the trousers are stored. Yet access is not so easy. A boulder blocks the way, which can only be removed with Bomb Arrows or Yunobo’s Power of Fire ability.

For the Charged Headdress, the path takes a scenic detour past a ruined bridge. Here, a cave marked by vines awaits. Cutting these vines reveals another Zonai treasure chest, holding the final piece of the Charged Gear. Like before, the headdress isn’t just armor; it’s a link to an ancient culture, a piece of a puzzle that has spanned generations.

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The Zonai Charge: Powering up the Altar

With the Charged Gear complete, Link returns to the altar at Dracozu Lake. This isn’t just any altar; it’s a conduit for the Zonai’s elemental energy. Tauro’s guidance shines again as he directs Link to place a Zonai Charge on this sacred platform. This task serves as a spiritual as well as a practical challenge, combining the elements of history, culture, and elemental power.

But acquiring the Zonai Charge requires battling ancient soldier constructs. These mechanical warriors stand as the final guardians of Zonai history. Defeating them not only grants Link the Zonai Charge but also signifies his mastery over the cultural and historical complexities of the region.

Placing the Zonai Charge on the altar triggers a cutscene. Lightning emanates from dragon heads around the area, parting the clouds and revealing a floating island in the sky. This is not just a cinematic reward; it’s a cosmic affirmation that Link, aided by Tauro, has successfully unraveled the mysteries of the Zonai and completed the Electric Garb Puzzle.

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