Palworld: A Simple Guide to Fix Session Search Error

In the world of Palworld, a realm where adventure beckons at every corner and the thrill of discovery is matched only by the camaraderie of companionship, players across the globe are uniting to carve out their destinies. However, amidst this unfolding saga of exploration and battles, a shadow looms for some—a perplexing ‘Session Search Error’ that halts adventurers in their tracks, clouding their journey with frustration. Fear not, brave explorers, for this guide is a beacon of hope, a map through the mists of confusion to swiftly return you to the lands you cherish.

Palworld, in all its early access glory, offers an immersive tapestry of experiences, blending the excitement of survival, the depth of crafting, and the joy of companionship. Yet, as with any great expedition, challenges arise, and the ‘Session Search Error’ has emerged as a formidable foe for many. Since yesterday’s update, a growing number of adventurers find themselves unable to load their servers, facing this vexing error. But despair not, for every problem has a solution, and this guide is your key to unlocking it.Palworld How to Fix Session Search Error

Understanding the Session Search Error

At its core, the ‘Session Search Error’ is a digital chasm, separating players from the worlds they’ve come to know and love. Occurring primarily when attempting to load servers, this error has become more prevalent following recent updates, leaving many to wonder about its cause and, more importantly, its cure.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Fix the Session Search Error

Navigating the treacherous waters of technical errors requires patience, precision, and a bit of know-how. Below, we’ll chart a course through the most effective strategies to vanquish this foe.

Close and Restart Palworld

The first step in our quest is both simple and ancient in the realm of technology: the venerable restart.

  1. Exit Palworld Completely: Ensure the game is fully closed, not just minimized. Check the task manager to confirm it’s not running in the background.
  2. Reopen the Game: Launch Palworld anew and see if the error persists. Often, this act alone can reforge the broken connections.

Change World Settings

Sometimes, the path to resolution lies in altering the very fabric of your world.

  1. Access ‘Change World Settings’: From the main menu, select this option for your world.
  2. Adjust Multiplayer Settings: Disable “Multiplayer” found above the Difficulty settings.
  3. Restart and Toggle: Begin your world anew, then switch the Multiplayer on and off as needed. It may require a few attempts, coupled with game restarts, to take effect.

For Xbox Players

For those on Xbox, the road is less forgiving. Currently, the only course of action is patience—waiting for the developers to weave a patch to mend the tear in the fabric of Palworld.

Additional Fixes for PC Players

PC players, fear not, for you have additional tools at your disposal to combat this error.

Verify Palworld Game Files
  1. Navigate to Steam: Open your library in Steam.
  2. Properties and Verification: Right-click on Palworld, select “Properties,” then “Installed Files,” and finally “Verify integrity of game files.”

Update Palworld

Ensuring your game is up-to-date is crucial.

  1. Check for Updates: In Steam, right-click Palworld and select “Updates.”
  2. Enable Automatic Updates: Confirm that “Always keep this game updated” is selected.

Reset Your Router

As a final gambit, resetting your router can sometimes clear the unseen cobwebs that hinder your journey. Be aware, steps vary by model.

Creating a New World as a Last Resort

If all else fails, consider embarking on a new adventure by creating a new world in Palworld. This fresh start might not only bypass the session search error but could also breathe new life into your saga, offering unexpected joys and challenges.


What triggers the ‘Session Search Error’ in Palworld?

The error often arises from server communication issues or glitches after game updates, impacting players’ ability to load their servers.

Can restarting Palworld fix the ‘Session Search Error’?

Yes, fully exiting and then reopening Palworld can sometimes reestablish server connections, resolving the error.

Will changing world settings help resolve the error?

Adjusting multiplayer settings by toggling them off and on in the world settings menu, followed by restarting the game, can be effective.

What should Xbox players do about the ‘Session Search Error’?

Xbox players may need to wait for an official patch from the developers, as fewer immediate fixes are available compared to PC players.

Is creating a new world in Palworld a guaranteed fix for the error?

Starting a new world isn’t a guaranteed fix but can bypass the issue for some players, offering a fresh start without the error.

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Adventurers, while the ‘Session Search Error’ may momentarily hinder your explorations in Palworld, it is but a fleeting shadow on your journey. Armed with the knowledge and steps outlined above, you possess the power to overcome this obstacle. Embrace the spirit of perseverance, for your world awaits your return. Remember, in Palworld, as in life, the most rewarding adventures are those sprinkled with trials, for they teach us not just to succeed but to grow.

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