Conquer The Hatchery in Remnant 2: Ultimate Dungeon Guide

Venturing into the depths of N’erud, a land once vibrant but now overshadowed by the eerie presence of The Hatchery, is not for the faint of heart. This former storage facility, overtaken by louse-like Parasite creatures, has become a breeding ground of challenges and rewards. But fear not, for I’ve journeyed through its dark corridors and emerged victorious, eager to share the secrets of conquering The Hatchery in Remnant 2. Whether you’re hunting for rare boss drops or the thrill of exploration, this guide is your beacon through the darkness.Remnant 2 The Hatchery Dungeon Guide

Locating Hatchery in Remnant 2

The Journey Begins

The Hatchery in Remnant 2, a clandestine underground facility, lies hidden within the world of N’erud. Your quest begins in the Phantom Wasteland, where fate determines your path to this dungeon. An elevator or a quarry might be your gateway, each leading to the unknown depths below.

Increasing Spawn Chances

For those eager to encounter The Hatchery, a little strategy can go a long way. Make your way to the Seeker’s Rest checkpoint, intertwined with the Alepsis-Taura storyline. This little detour significantly enhances your chances of stumbling upon The Hatchery, a tip I wish I had known before my numerous aimless wanderings.

Navigating The Hatchery

Unveiling the Locked Door

Amidst the chaos, the Aerary Glyph Door stands as a testament to the intricate design of The Hatchery. Transitioning from battling Bugs to Robots signals its proximity. The key lies in a concealed path, revealed only by clearing a cluttered room. This leads to a ladder and, subsequently, to the Rerouting Cable Ring. A well-aimed shot through a small gap unveils the path forward, unlocking the door to treasures like the Blackout Ring.

Alternative Approaches to Locked Areas

The Hatchery in Remnant 2 caters to the inventive, offering alternative paths to bypass obstacles. Facing the Progeny or WD109 mini-bosses can inadvertently unlock doors, offering a more dynamic combat space. Each encounter not only tests your mettle but also rewards your ingenuity with unique items and access to previously sealed areas.

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Key Encounters and Boss Fights

Discovering the Atom Splitter

Nestled within The Hatchery lies the Atom Splitter, a coveted melee weapon that demands both wit and dexterity to obtain. If fortune favors you with an outdoor area adorned with spinning towers, a simple puzzle awaits. Positioning and timing are your allies, leading you to leap across robotic arms to claim your prize.

Defeating the Primogenitor

The Primogenitor, a formidable foe, embodies the essence of the Parasite creatures. Despite its diminutive stature, it commands the battlefield with agility and the ability to summon allies. Victory against this adversary yields the Cracked Shell, a key component in crafting the Space Crabs weapon mod—a tool that has proven invaluable in my subsequent adventures.

Optional Boss Fights

The Hatchery’s unpredictability is part of its charm, presenting optional bosses like the Progeny and WD109. These encounters are not just battles; they are puzzles that, when solved, reward you with the Aerary Glyph key, the Disengage Mutator, and a plethora of items. Each fight is a story, a battle of wits and resilience that leaves you richer in experience and loot.


What’s the best strategy for finding The Hatchery?

Explore the Phantom Wasteland thoroughly and utilize the Seeker’s Rest checkpoint to increase your chances.

How can I efficiently unlock the Aerary Glyph Door?

Focus on clearing the area of destructible to reveal hidden paths and solve the puzzle within.

Are there any recommended builds or weapons for The Hatchery bosses?

Preparation is key. Equip mods and weapons that offer versatility to effectively tackle the Primogenitor and optional bosses.

What items can I craft with the Cracked Shell?

The Cracked Shell is essential for crafting the Space Crabs weapon mod, enhancing your arsenal with unique abilities.

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My journey through The Hatchery in Remnant 2 was a tapestry of challenges, each thread woven with moments of triumph and defeat. This dungeon, with its lurking dangers and hidden rewards, is a testament to the adventurer’s spirit. It taught me that with the right strategy, even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome.

To those about to embark on this journey, take heart. The Hatchery is more than a test of skill; it’s a crucible that forges legends. So, gear up, dive into the unknown, and let your story unfold. And remember, in the world of Remnant 2, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

Happy hunting, fellow adventurers. May your courage be your guide and your victories sweet. Share your tales and triumphs below, for every journey is richer when shared.

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