Discovering Floral Treasures in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a variety of flowers bloom across numerous biomes. These flowers serve as quest items, friendship-level boosters, and even ingredients for unique recipes. To help you find these floral treasures more efficiently, we’ve put together this guide on where to locate every type of flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Flowers

I. Hydrangeas: A Splash of Color on Dazzle Beach

  • Blue Hydrangea (28 Coins)
  • Pink Hydrangea (22 Coins)
  • Purple Hydrangea (39 Coins)
  • White and Pink Hydrangea (54 Coins)

II. Sunflowers: Dazzle Beach’s Golden Stars

  • Sunflower (28 Coins)

III. Lilies: The Forest of Valor’s Delicate Blooms

  • Blue Star Lily (30 Coins)
  • Orange Star Lily (43 Coins)
  • Black Passion Lily (79 Coins)
  • Blue Passion Lily (56 Coins)
  • Green Passion Lily (28 Coins)
  • Red Passion Lily (38 Coins)
  • White Passion Lily (38 Coins)

IV. Bell Flowers: Ringing in Beauty in the Forest of Valor

  • Purple Bell Flower (30 Coins)
  • Red Bell Flower (25 Coins)
  • White Bell Flower (30 Coins)

V. Nasturtiums: The Vibrant Colors of the Forgotten Lands

  • Orange Nasturtium (60 Coins)
  • Red Nasturtium (40 Coins)
  • Yellow Nasturtium (85 Coins)

VI. Impatiens: The Forgotten Lands’ Subtle Charms

  • Purple Impatiens (40 Coins)
  • White Impatiens (30 Coins)

VII. Milkweeds: The Rich Hues of the Glade of Trust

  • Blue Marsh Milkweed (48 Coins)
  • Purple Marsh Milkweed (25 Coins)
  • White Marsh Milkweed (33 Coins)
  • Orange Marsh Milkweed (33 Coins)
  • Orange and Red Marsh Milkweed (66 Coins)

VIII. Penstemons: The Rising and Falling Beauty in Peaceful Meadows and Plaza

  • Green Rising Penstemon (35 Coins)
  • Purple Rising Penstemon (25 Coins)
  • Blue Falling Penstemon (23 Coins)
  • Purple Falling Penstemon (23 Coins)
  • Red Falling Penstemon (18 Coins)
  • White and Pink Falling Penstemon (41 Coins)

IX. Daisies: The Peaceful Meadows’ Classic Elegance

  • Red Daisy (48 Coins)
  • White Daisy (25 Coins)
  • Yellow Daisy (20 Coins)

X. Dandelions: The Plaza’s Whimsical Touch

  • Dandelion (23 Coins)

XI. Houseleeks: The Sunlit Plateau’s Succulent Delights

  • Orange Houseleek (52 Coins)
  • Pink Houseleek (35 Coins)

XII. Bromeliads: The Tropical Wonders of the Sunlit Plateau

  • Pink Bromeliad (27 Coins)
  • Red Bromeliad (27 Coins)
  • Yellow Bromeliad (73 Coins)

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Respawning Flowers in Dreamlight Valley: In Disney Dreamlight Valley, flowers automatically respawn daily. To gather a specific type of flower, such as Bromeliads, pick every flower of that type within its respective biome. Once all flowers of that type are picked, more will respawn, allowing you to

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