Baleful Shadow: Strategies for Victory in Elden Ring

In the captivating world of Elden Ring, the Baleful Shadow is a formidable boss that players must face to progress through Ranni’s questline. This elusive enemy is not only powerful but also adept at healing, making it a challenging opponent. This article will provide you with comprehensive information on locating the Baleful Shadow, exploiting its weaknesses, and employing effective strategies to secure your victory.

Baleful Shadow

Locating the Miniature Ranni Doll

To encounter the Baleful Shadow, players must first obtain the Miniature Ranni Doll. The doll can be found in the Ainsel River, which is accessible from Renna’s Rise in the Three Sisters area. Players must ascend a tower, grab Ranni’s outfit, and use a teleporter to reach a new location deep within the Ainsel River. Once there, the Ranni Doll can be found near a coffin.

After acquiring the doll, players should rest at the nearby Site of Grace and attempt to speak with the doll. Persistence pays off, as the doll will eventually respond and trigger the encounter.

Discovering the Baleful Shadow’s Lair

The Baleful Shadow can be found near the Nokstella Waterfall Basin in the Ainsel River Main. To reach the boss, players must journey past the Ainsel River, Uhl Palace Ruins, and into Nokstella. After navigating through various obstacles and enemies, players will arrive at the Nokstella Waterfall Basin, where the Shadow eagerly awaits.

Exploiting the Baleful Shadow’s Weaknesses

Although a fierce opponent, the Baleful Shadow has a significant weakness to poison. Poison knives and poison mist spells can deal considerable damage over time, counteracting the boss’s healing abilities. Furthermore, the Rotten Breath incantation is highly effective in this battle, as its constant damage prevents the Baleful Shadow from restoring its health.

Additionally, players can backstab the Shadow for critical damage by waiting for the boss to perform a jumping attack and quickly moving in for the strike.

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Defeating the Baleful Shadow

The Baleful Shadow is known for its aggressive, long-range sword attacks and ability to heal. As such, players must be prepared to protect themselves from Holy and Standard damage while exploiting the boss’s vulnerability to Frostbite and Poison status effects.

When the battle begins, players should lure the Baleful Shadow into a nearby building with an elevator. The boss will hesitate to approach the elevator, providing a safe area for players to attack. Utilizing the Rotten Breath incantation, players can continuously deal poison damage to it while remaining near the elevator.

Though the boss will use a healing potion to replenish its health, perseverance will eventually lead to victory. Upon defeating the Baleful Shadow, players will receive the Discarded Palace Key and 8561 Runes as a reward.

By understanding the location, weaknesses, and strategies required to defeat the Shadow, players can ensure their success in Elden Ring and progress further through Ranni’s questline.

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