How to get to the Church of Vows in Elden Ring

The northern region of Elden Ring was known to be treacherous and unforgiving, but the Church of Vows stood tall and proud amidst the chaos. It was said to be a sacred temple, a place of pilgrimage for those seeking solace and salvation.

The journey to the Church of Vows was not for the faint-hearted. The path was littered with dangerous creatures and obstacles, making it a treacherous trek for any adventurer. Those who dared to make the journey would need to be mentally and physically well-prepared, as the trials ahead were not to be taken lightly.

The first leg of the journey was a steep climb up a winding mountain path. The ascent was grueling, and the cold wind that whipped against their faces threatened to push the travelers off the narrow trail. Yet, as they ascended higher, the view of the surrounding landscape became more breathtaking.

At the top of the mountain, the travelers faced a vast, snowy expanse. The snow drifts were deep and the cold was bone-chilling, but they pressed on, driven by their determination to reach the Church of Vows.

As they journeyed north, the travelers encountered ancient ruins and abandoned settlements. The structures had been long abandoned, and their crumbling walls and shattered windows spoke of a bygone era. we have previously discussed Elden Ring Rose Church Location too and here we will guide you on the Church of Vows.

Church of Vows

Church of Vows portal Elden Ring

The portal to the Church of Vows was said to be hidden deep within the northern reaches of Elden Ring. It was rumored that the portal could only be found by those with a pure heart and unwavering faith.

Many had searched for the portal, but few had succeeded. The Church of Vows remained shrouded in mystery, a place of secrets and wondered that only a select few had been privileged to witness.

Yet, for those who were brave enough to seek it out, the portal to the Church of Vows was a gateway to a world beyond imagining. It was a chance to explore the depths of faith and spirituality, and to discover the mysteries that lay hidden within the ancient temple’s walls.

Elden Ring Church of Vows Stone Turtle

The Elden Ring Church of Vows was home to many wonders, but the Stone Turtle was perhaps the most awe-inspiring of them all. The massive creature was made entirely of stone, its shell etched with intricate carvings that glinted in the sunlight.

It was said that the Stone Turtle had been created by the disciples of grace, using their divine powers to breathe life into the stone. The creature was a symbol of the Church of Vows’ strength and resilience, and it served as a reminder of the power of faith and devotion.

For those who visited the Church of Vows, the Stone Turtle was a sight that would stay with them forever, a testament to the wonders that lay hidden within the temple’s walls.

Church of Vows Celestial Dew & Absolution

The sought-after item can be acquired in various ways throughout the map of Elden Ring. For those willing to pay the price, the Nomadic Merchant in Ainsel River can provide the item for a sum of 7500 Runes. Alternatively, Pidia at the Caria Minor also offers the item for sale.

Time needed: 20 minutes

The Celestial Dew and Absolution are some of the most coveted treasures within the Church of Vows in Elden Ring, and acquiring them requires a journey of great determination and strength. Here is a guide on how to obtain these rare and powerful items:

  1. Journey to the Church of Vows

    The first step in acquiring the Celestial Dew and Absolution is to make your way to the Church of Vows. The temple is located in the northern region of Elden Ring and can be accessed through a treacherous mountain path.

  2. Prove Your Worth

    Once you reach the Church of Vows, you must prove your worth to the disciples of grace who guard the Celestial Dew and Absolution. This may involve completing tasks or demonstrating your devotion to the gods.

  3. Gain Access

    If you prove yourself worthy, you will be granted access to the inner sanctum of the Church of Vows, where the Celestial Dew and Absolution are kept.

  4. Obtain the Celestial Dew

    The Celestial Dew is a rare liquid that can be found within the inner sanctum. You must carefully navigate the treacherous terrain and overcome any obstacles to reach it. Once you have acquired the Celestial Dew, you will gain great strength and vitality, as well as a purged soul.

  5. Obtain the Absolution

    The Absolution is a powerful artifact that can be found within the inner sanctum. It has the power to absolve one of their sins and grant forgiveness and peace of mind. Obtaining the Absolution may require completing additional tasks or demonstrating further devotion to the gods.

  6. Use Your Treasures

    With the Celestial Dew and Absolution in your possession, you will have gained immense power and spiritual strength. Use these treasures wisely, as they are highly sought after by those who would use them for darker purposes.

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Church of Vows boss: Bell Bearing Hunter

Deep within the Church of Vows in Elden Ring lurks a fearsome guardian known as the Bell Bearing Hunter. This colossal creature is said to be the defender of the temple, and it will stop at nothing to protect the sacred relics within.

The Bell Bearing Hunter is a towering behemoth, with massive horns and rippling muscles that are covered in thick fur. Its glowing eyes are said to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest adventurers, and its voice is said to be like thunder.

Those who dare to face the Bell Bearing Hunter must be prepared for a grueling battle. The creature wields a massive bell with deadly accuracy, smashing through walls and crushing its foes. Its roar is said to shake the very foundations of the temple, and its fury is unmatched by any other creature in Elden Ring.

To defeat the Bell Bearing Hunter, one must target its massive horns, which are its weak spot. A skilled warrior can shatter these horns with well-placed strikes, weakening the creature and making it vulnerable to further attacks.

However, defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter is no easy task. Its strength and ferocity are legendary, and only the most skilled and determined adventurers have ever been able to claim victory. For those who seek glory and adventure, the Bell Bearing Hunter is the ultimate challenge, a test of strength and skill that can make or break a hero’s legacy.

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