Ancient Arowana Location: Unraveling Zelda’s Underwater Mystique

The immense landscapes of “Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom” enchant players with towering mountains, lush woodlands, and huge plains. Yet, beyond the calm waters of Hyrule, there is a kingdom as enchanting and full of tales just waiting to be discovered. One such story centers on the intriguing Ancient Arowana, a fish coveted not just for its scarcity but also for its crucial role in rebuilding the renowned Zora Armor.

Zelda TotK Ancient Arowana Location Guide

According to mythology, the Zora Armor is no simple trinket. This treasured piece of gear has the capacity to allow its user the ability to resist gravity and scale waterfalls. A complicated adventure starts in the heart of Zora’s Domain, buried inside the tranquil confines of Lanayru Great Spring – a mission that intertwines fate, bravery, and the hunt for the mysterious Ancient Arowana. This expedition is more than simply a quest for a rare fish; it’s a rite of passage, a monument to Hyrule’s eternal link with its aquatic residents.

Exploring the ‘Sidon of Zora’ quest is like delving into the annals of Hyrulian legend. Adventurers are led on a whirlwind tour of the kingdom’s aquatic treasures as the story progresses, from the enigmatic pools of Shatterback Point to the lonely basins of Great Sky Island. The rivers murmur ancient legends along the way, and the glittering scales of the Ancient Arowana beckon, offering not just a reward, but a deeper connection to the world of Zelda and its age-old secrets.

Starting the Quest

Certain missions stand out in the broad tapestry of “Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom,” not just for the prizes they provide; but also for the stories they convey. The ‘Sidon of Zora’ quest is one such adventure, a delicate thread woven within the larger story titled ‘Regional Phenomena.’ For those who are unaware of the complexities of this journey, it all starts in the heart of the Lanayru area.

Ancient Arowana location starting quest

It is recommended that one begin their trip by wandering through the complex rivers and lush landscapes of the Lanayru Great Spring until they reach the spectacular buildings of Zora’s Domain. Yona will be encountered here, among the age-old buildings and the ever-present watery environment. Yona, a significant person, is the quest’s gatekeeper, enticing players into the mystery hunt for the Ancient Arowana.

Ancient Arowana Location

Shatterback Point: A place where the murmurs of the past intermingle with the gentle lapping of the waters. Nestled deep within the Lanaryu Great Spring Region, Shatterback Point is an ode to nature’s beauty and mystery. Those looking for a quick journey can harness the magic of fast travel to the Ihen-a Shrine. This shrine, a testament to ancient architecture, lies to the north of Shatterback Point and guards the eastern periphery of Zora’s Domain. As adventurers descend towards the point, they might chance upon a tranquil pool. Here, under the watchful gaze of Gruve, the shimmering scales of the Ancient Arowana dance beneath the surface.

Ancient Arowana location

Great Sky Island: An ethereal realm suspended between the heavens and earth; the Great Sky Island is a world of its own. As one approaches the island; the west side presents a mesmerizing sight: a waterfall basin, where the waters seem to sing tales of yore. Just before the vast expanse of the island’s lake, keen-eyed adventurers will spot a school of golden fish. Among them, the Ancient Arowana gracefully weaves its path.

Ancient Arowana great sky island location

Collection Methods

While the Ancient Arowana’s beauty is undeniable, capturing this elusive creature demands strategy. For those who prefer the thrill of the chase, diving into the water and swimming toward the fish promises an exhilarating experience. Feel the water’s resistance, gauge the Arowana’s trajectory, and with a deft movement, secure your prize.

However, if stealth and precision are more to one’s taste, the bow offers an alternative. From the water’s edge, or perhaps a vantage point above, nock an arrow, draw the bowstring, and with a deep breath, release. Watch as the arrow pierces the water, claiming the Arowana.

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The satisfaction of capturing the Ancient Arowana is immense, but the quest is far from over. With the prized fish secured, players must retrace their steps to Zora’s Domain. Here, in the familiar surroundings, Lady Yona awaits. Presenting the Ancient Arowana to her not only strengthens the bond with the denizens of the domain; but also earns a tangible reward: the first piece of the legendary Zora Armor.

Adorned in this armor, players are reminded of their accomplishment, but also of the journey ahead. The next chapter beckons as they are set on a path to meet the venerable King Dorephan. With the king’s wisdom and guidance, adventurers will delve deeper into the mysteries of Hyrule, working towards unraveling the intricate puzzle titled ‘Clues to the Sky’.

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