For Honor Hero Rankings 2024: Complete Tier List

In the heart of the battle, where honor and glory clash against steel and will, “For Honor” stands as a testament to the brave. With its rich tapestry of history and legend, this game invites warriors from across the globe to prove their mettle in a test of skill, strategy, and endurance. As you step into this world, choosing your champion becomes your first and perhaps most crucial battle. But fear not, for this guide is your ally in this quest, offering a detailed “For Honor Tier List: All Heroes Ranked Best to Worst” for 2024.For Honor Hero Rankings 2024 Complete Tier List

Understanding the For Honor Tier List

Before we embark on our journey through the rankings, let’s establish our bearings. The tier list is more than a mere catalog; it’s a compass that guides through the tempest of combat. It ranks heroes based on their prowess in the most adored game modes – Brawl, Dominion, and Duel. This list isn’t set in stone but a reflection of the current meta, providing insights into which heroes can consistently clinch victory from the jaws of defeat.

For Honor Tier List Table

Tier  Heroes
SConqueror, Nobushi, Jiang Jun, Kyoshin, Warmonger, Shinobi, Warlord
AKensei, Hitokiri, Shugoki, Black Prior, Nuxia, Shaolin, Berserker, Raider, Gryphon
BPirate, Jormungandr, Afeera, Shaman, Zhanhu, Highlander, Nobushi
CCenturion, Valkyrie, Orochi, Lawbringer
DPeacekeeper, Aramusha, Tiandi, Warden, Gladiator

For Honor Hero Tier List 2024

S-Tier Heroes: The Elite ChampionsFor Honor tier list - S Tier Heroes

At the zenith of our list reside the S-Tier heroes, paragons of power whose names are whispered with reverence and fear across the battlefield.

Conqueror (Knights): A master of turning defense into offense. Conqueror uses a flail and shield not just to block but to counterattack fiercely. Their “bash” ability breaks through defenses and morale, marking them as a force in any game mode.

Nobushi (Samurai): Nobushi excels in range and agility. With her naginata, she keeps enemies at bay while causing bleeding, controlling the fight’s pace.

Jiang Jun (Wu Lin): A wise warrior from Wu Lin, Jiang Jun uses his guandao for wide attacks and controls crowds. His skill in stamina management lets him maintain offense and defense effectively.

Kyoshin (Samurai): Kyoshin, a samurai with unmatched katana skills, seamlessly switches between attack and defense. His calm approach lets him exploit enemy weaknesses.

Warmonger, Shinobi, and Warlord: Warmonger excels in aggressive play and control, Shinobi in fast strikes and evasion, and Warlord in defense and counterattacks. Each stands out for unique strengths in combat.

A-Tier Heroes: Formidable ContendersFor Honor tier list - A Tier Heroes

Just below the S-Tier, A-Tier heroes like Kensei and Hitokiri showcase the Samurai’s versatility and power. Kensei’s adaptability in any combat scenario and Hitokiri’s relentless offense set them apart.

Black Prior (Knights): Masters defense and offense with their shield. They smoothly transition from blocking to attacking.

Berserker and Raider (Vikings): Known for aggressive combat. Berserker excels in relentless attacks, while Raider is unmatched in raiding skills.

Gryphon stands out as a symbol of hope and resilience, capable of supporting allies while holding his own in battles. These heroes stand a step behind but are no less feared, wielding extraordinary skill and versatility.

  • Kensei (Samurai):¬†With every swing of his nodachi, the battlefield shifts, bending to his will.
  • Hitokiri (Samurai), Shugoki (Samurai), and Black Prior (Knights): From the ghostly decimation of Hitokiri, the immovable force of Shugoki, to the dark shield of Black Prior, they command respect.

The list continues with Nuxia (Wu Lin), Shaolin (Wu Lin), Berserker (Vikings), and Raider (Vikings), each a master of their domain, and Gryphon (Knights), a beacon of versatility and strength.

B-Tier Heroes: Competitive with PotentialFor Honor tier list - B Tier Heroes

In the realm of the B-Tier, heroes like Pirate (Outlanders) and Jormungandr (Vikings) stand ready. They, along with Afeera (Outlanders), Shaman (Vikings), and others, offer a balanced blend of challenge and opportunity.

C-Tier Heroes: Underdogs with ChallengesFor Honor tier list - C Tier Heroes

These heroes, including Centurions (Knights) and Valkyrie (Vikings), face uphill battles but shine brightly when their unique strengths are wielded wisely.

D-Tier Heroes: The Least FavoredFor Honor tier list - D Tier Heroes

Lastly, we find heroes like Peacekeeper (Knights) and Aramusha (Samurai) in D-Tier, reminding us that every hero, regardless of rank, has a story, a potential for greatness yet to be unlocked.


How often is the tier list updated?

The tier list evolves with the game, reflecting the shifting tides of the meta. Stay connected with the community and official updates to keep your knowledge sharp.

Can C or D-Tier heroes still be viable?

Absolutely. Every hero in “For Honor” can shine in the hands of a player who understands their strengths, weaknesses, and the art of war.

What makes an S-Tier hero stand out?

S-Tier heroes excel in versatility, power, and the ability to sway the course of battle in their favor, making them reliable choices in any skirmish.

How can I improve my gameplay with lower-tier heroes? Study your hero’s moveset, practice, and engage with the community. Each battle is a lesson, and every defeat is a step towards mastery.

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In “For Honor,” every hero carries the echo of ancient battles and the promise of legend. While the tier list offers a glimpse into the hierarchy of power, remember that at the heart of every victory lies the spirit of the warrior wielding the blade. So choose your hero, not just for their rank, but for the resonance of their story with your own. Train diligently, fight honorably, and may your name be etched in the annals of “For Honor” history.

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