Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 1 Locations

Begin your quest to improve your armaments in Elden Ring with the fundamental Somber Smithing Stone 1. This is the essential material required to level up your weapons and shields to +1, improving your offensive and defensive ratings. In comparison to some of the more complex Somber Stones, obtaining the basic Somber Smithing Stone 1 is quite simple. The locations where these things can be found in Elden Ring are detailed below. Keep in mind that these are only for special weapons, whereas conventional Smithing Stones are for regular weapons.

elden ring somber smithing stone 1

Locations to Procure Somber Smithing Stone 1 in Elden Ring

While exploring the vast, mysterious world of Elden Ring, you’ll come across a plethora of treasures, traps, and creatures. Among these treasures is the key Somber Smithing Stone 1, a necessary crafting resource for improving your special weapons and shields. While these stones are the first steps in maxing up your gear, finding them isn’t always easy. We’ll go through particular areas where you may obtain these vital materials, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the battles ahead.

The Lake

Travel south from Rose Church to find a deceased person seated on a chair, a somber but pleasant finding. You can claim two Somber Smithing Stone 1 units here, but first you must defeat a patrolling crab that defends the spot. This crustacean may be fairly aggressive, so be prepared for a quick fight. Once defeated, you’ll be able to collect the lucrative Somber Smithing Stones from the dead figure, paving the path for future Elden Ring enhancements.

Stormveil Castle

Defeat the Lion Guardian in Stormveil Castle to obtain another Somber Smithing Stone 1. This terrifying beast roams the castle’s southern gardens, notably near the Limgrave Tower Bridge entrance. Make sure to properly equip yourself before engaging in combat, as the Lion Guardian is a formidable foe. When you vanquish it, you will not only win bragging rights, but also another vital Somber Smithing Stone 1 to enhance your weaponry in Elden Ring.

Limgrave Colosseum

Another Somber Smithing Stone 1 cache can be found just beyond the southern walls of Limgrave Colosseum. You can also reach the region by traveling quickly to the Deathtouched Catacombs Site of Grace or just heading west from the Saintsbridge Site of Grace. When you arrive, you’ll see several ruins indicated on your map that you should investigate. Climb to the top of these decaying structures and kill the grey Scarab that lurks there to collect your Somber Smithing Stone 1, which will help you upgrade in Elden Ring.

Limgrave Tunnels and Nearby Ruins

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Farming in Limgrave Tunnels

    The Limgrave Tunnels serve as an excellent location for gathering basic Smithing Stone 1. You can also discover Somber Smithing Stone 1 here.

  2. Eliminating an Explosive Scarab

    Secure another Somber Smithing Stone 1 by defeating an explosive Scarab. This creature lurks between Murkwater Coast and the Artist’s Shack Sites of Grace.

  3. Southbound Discovery

    Cross the bridge connecting Agheel Lake North and Waypoint Ruins. Head south until you find a deceased person seated in a chair. Loot them for a Somber Smithing Stone 1.

Note: Travelling during nighttime may result in an encounter with Night’s Cavalry on the bridge.

Church of Dragon Communion in Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 1

Navigate to the southwestern edge of the island after reaching the Church of Dragon Communion. This region is patrolled by a Teardrop Scarab; remove it to obtain an additional Somber Smithing Stone 1. The Scarab likes to hang out near the cliffs, so proceed with caution. When you vanquish it, you not only get the stone, but you also clear the region for safer exploration.

Morne Tunnel

While exploring Morne Tunnel, you can locate multiple units of Somber Smithing Stone 1, which also provides an excellent area for basic Smithing Stone 1 farming. Because this tunnel system is complex, keep a look out for branching channels that could disguise the stones. Morne Tunnel is also a good area to find Somber Smithing Stone 2, which expands your upgrading possibilities.

Castle Morne

Castle Morne has a single unit of Somber Smithing Stone 1. To find your gift, navigate to the southern tower depicted on the map and descend to sea level. The area might be dangerous, so make sure you’re ready for anything. After obtaining the stone, you may discover adjacent loot or secrets worth investigating.


Battlemages provide excellent farming possibilities for a wide range of Somber Smithing Stones. Somber Stones 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8 have a 1.5% drop rate. Raya Lucaria Academy and the Academy Crystal Cave have many of Battlemages for farming. These are high-risk, high-reward zones that offer both hard battles and excellent farming opportunities. Make sure you have your best gear ready for these engagements.

Where to Purchase Somber Smithing Stone 1 in Elden Ring

The risks and obstacles of the expedition may exceed the rewards of scavenging for Somber Smithing Stones yourself at times. Elden Ring has various vendors who can supply you with these crafting ingredients if you prefer a more basic way. Stocking up on Somber Smithing Stone 1 is a faster, albeit more expensive, way to upgrade your equipment. In this part, we’ll introduce you to reliable dealers who can supply you with as much of this crucial resource as your Rune wallet can hold.

Smithing Master Iji

The obvious benefit of purchasing with Smithing Master Iji is his seemingly limitless supply of Somber Smithing Stone 1. You can find him on the path going to Caria Manor. Because of his infinite supply, you can keep upgrading as long as you have enough Runes to buy the stones. Furthermore, his proximity to Caria Manor makes him conveniently available for frequent trips, expediting your Elden Ring upgrade procedure.

Twin Maiden Husks in Elden Ring Somber Smithing Stone 1

Although there is a limited number of Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold, they provide an alternate choice for Somber Stone purchases. Their inventory is replenished on a regular basis. You must first supply the Twin Maiden with either Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing 1 or Iji’s Bell Bearing to facilitate buying. As a result, you can purchase each Somber Smithing Stone 1 for 2000 Runes.

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